Friday, December 31, 2010


Just the other day I received my Host Family info!  I will be living with the Kato's, a family of five in the town of Obu-shi.  Obu-shi is a little south of Nagoya, the 4th biggest city in Japan.  I will have two siblings, a 13 year old girl, Chiharu and a 15 year old boy, Yoshiyuki.  I will be attending school at Anjou Senior High School which is located in the city Anjyou-shi (a short train ride away).  My host parent's names are Ryozo (father), Yukie (mother), and Tamiko (grandmother). Since the grandmother lives with the family I expect it to be more traditional than the typical family.   I am so excited to meet them!

In other news I received word from Peninsula Odd Fellows. They have voted to kick start my trip with $1,000!  This week I will contact the Elks and VFW to see if they are willing to help me as well.  Thanks for the support everyone!