Saturday, May 14, 2011

Second Pre-Departure Orientation

This morning I attended my second Pre-Departure Orientation.  Compared to last one, it was much more diverse.  Last PDO there were 5 students going to Japan where as this year there were only two.  The content was mostly the same with a few variations.  The coolest thing though was meeting the exchange students that had come to America.  I spoke with one of them during lunch who was from Japan (I didn't catch his name) and it turns out I will be going to the same province he is from!  Although, he didn't recognize the name of the city I will be living in, I am sure it will be nice to know another ASFer in the area.  After the Orientation  when we are leaving there was a mix up where I ended up leaving the car keys in one of the rooms the Orientation took place.  Because we had stayed a little later (and hunted for the keys) we ended up getting delayed by about 20 minutes till someone with keys to the building could let us in again.  Once again I am getting excited about leaving, and all the stress I am sure will return when the departure date gets closer.  Wish me luck!