Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today I went to AFS Pre-Departure Orientation.  There I met some of the volunteers I have been talking to during my application process.  I also met other exchange students. I believe there were 10 of them. (Two going to Argentina, One going to Australia, One to Italy, One to France, and 5 to Japan (including my self)) It was fun talking to the people and very informing of the program.  It was a general overview so it wasn't really country specific.  Some things I learned there was that there are 3 rules to AFS 1. Don't Drive 2. Don't do drugs and 3. Don't hitchhike. All of which will get you sent home immediately.  Also if I am to learn the language and experience the culture I should use English as little as I can.  This means that while I am there I won' have my laptop and calls are probably not going to be good.   I will continue to post on my blog and send email news letters.  Snailmail works too but for all my friends I require them to be in Japanese :P (Its better for the both of us)  It's exciting to finally come to realize that this is actually happening.

 Also today when I came home and napped.  I received an email from Chiharu talking about her day etc.  I to talked about mine however it was a bit more lengthy.  I was one of the few that have already learned who my family was so I count my self lucky that I am able to have communicating with them.

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