Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nagoya Trip

Ok first I would just like to apologize to those following me as it has been awhile since my last post.  It's not that I don't have blog content (I have a lot actually) but its difficult to make time to post.  So in the next few days I am going to try to get it out on here.   This trip was actually 10/15/11 just for fyi.

After the 1 month AFS Orientation the AFS Nagoya Minami (South Nagoya) exchange students (that's my friends and I) decided we wanted to do some sight seeing in Nagoya, however other exchange students joined us.  Rebecaa (Portugal) who is staying in Nagoya acted as our guide as we ventured through the large city.

Right to left: Rebecca, Mulyani
Right to left: Maria, Eni

 After we arrived in Osu we did some window shopping, Clothing is really expensive in Japan but in second hand shops it is dirt cheap.  Osu is popular among college students and high school students because of all the different shops and styles there.  I like it because there are a lot of second hand shops.
Here is a Japanese Idol store in Osu

Am trying to make blob members jealous

Look there is even a sale

This red shirt is not Pj's
 For some reason in fashion America and England/ English is popular... I am not sure why but because of this a lot of expressions and sayings are misinterpreted or just plain don't make sense.
I don't get it..
 Osu is interesting because its modern but also traditional at the same time.  These kinds of things passing by were kind of common.
 Some music.
They wore 4 inch sandals it looked difficult and very tiring

I thought it was an interesting picture
 In Osu there is a famous temple that worships all religions, I would have gone in but it was 6 dollars just to go in.. and usually your suppose to make a donation at the alter too so I waited outside.
I think that's a buta

Here is the temple and Miao taking a photo of us (minus me)

At the restaurant were we had lunch you can write your wishes these strips of paper and place then where ever you like, on the paper there is a carp.. when I saw this one I just had to take a picture.

This is the exact time when I found out that steve Jobs died... my reaction "Oh.. how interesting" (thoughts of the future of Apple)
I thought the apples were sweet though
At Nagoya Bus terminal
This guy was funny

I was asked if I wanted to wear one of them and have my picture taken, I declined regretfully
The next following pictures were for a Pokemon event for DS's I took the photos for friends but I is probably over now.

On the top of Nagoya Bus terminal there is this little fountain so I took some photos.

I liked the colors... what?

We decided not to ride it do to the time and expense

That green line is a giant laser but I don't know where it came from.
My desk

My newest addition to my desk (wanted the one on the right but couldn't get it with out the girl >.>)

Nagoya Tower
All in all I had a really great time, I didn't get to go to a maid cafe or check out any anime shops but I still had a great time.  The cost of living is really high in Japan and so its difficult to do any shopping but its still a great place and I know we only explored a small portion of Nagoya.  I hope I can get to explore it again some day when I have more money and more time.  I look forward to the Akiharaba Trip.

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