Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yoshiyuki's Bunkasai

My host brothers school had its bunkasai yesterday I wanted to make a blog entry about it.

His Bunkasai was bigger than mine, but I didnt get to see
what the rest of my classmates were doing.  So I am blogging about my host brothers.

The gate to the festival, made from cardboart i think...

Main stage, here i saw juggling, michael jackson dancing and a street brawl.

I don't know what it says but I liked the picture.  Probably something about food.

 Another poster.
The students cooked all the food, I bought bowl of yakisoba and a strawberry flavored churo for 200 yen (bout 2.60)
A view of how many people were there.

And finally I just really liked this picture.  Some things that I dont have pictures of is the class room events.  My host brother did a play, which he was the main character in.  Another class did a shadow play, and other classes did research projects on animals and countries.  In the end I had a great time.

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