Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Month In Japan

The first month has flown by and I haven't really had time to do another blog post but here it is.

After arriving in Nagoya Station and meeting my host Mother we took the train to Obu-shi the city I am taking residence in.  We were picked up by Obaachan (grandma) and traveled a short distence to home.  Upon first entering the house the dog, Rubi, did what I will later come to loath... barking his head off.

After going through some of the AFS check list we had dinner and went to bed a little while later.  The next day I went to my host school and met Mori-Sensei the english literature teacher.  I my uniform was to be found etc. and I was informed that I needed to give a two minute speach to the entire student body.  After leaving the school the next week was of summer, where due to lack of entertainment I read all of the required reading for Mr.Albertson's class except the illiad and long nights journey since I didn't bring the books.

During this time I also visted the Great Ise Shrine (sadly no shrine madiens), and Nagoya City during a Matsuri (festival).  Sadly I don't have any pictures of the Ise shrine since I forgot my Camera however there are videos of the Matsuri dances below.

(love the outfits on this last one)

I also visted the Mayor of Obu-shi and made it into the news paper with some other AFS friends.

School started and I gave my speech, which went something like this. (Those taking Japanese better leave a translation in the comments)

私の名前は マイケル・マニングです。 私は AFSのこうかんプログラムで アメリカから 来た 留学生です。 私は これから すうかげつの 会だ あんじょう 高校 あなたたちと いっしょに まなびます。 私の アメリカの 高校の 名前は Arts and Communications Magnet Academyで びじゅつの 学校です。  私は たくさん しゅみを もって います。 とうげいや えや スケチや ちゅうこくや アニメせいさくや コンピューのタプログラムや ウェブのデサインや ぶたいせっけいや グラフェクのデサインや ダンスです。 私は また あいきど して いて いぜんは サーカーや クルインも していました。 私は 三年 日本語の 勉強を しましたが また たくさん わからないことが あります。 でも あなたたちと 話すことを たのしみにして います。 私は 私が あなたたちから まなぶ ように あなたたちも 私の ぶんかを まなんで ほしいと 思います。
ありがとう ございました"

During school I have 2 english classes, 2 math classes, a classical Japanese class, Japanese class, Japanese history, 2 P.E. Classes, Cooking class, and Art class.  I have joined the kendo club and will see if i can get some pictures or video of that later.

At school we have already had our Bunkasai (culture festival) where my class made a haunted house.

 The next day we had Taiikusai, (sports day) where I completely failed at the high jump and got sunburn on my arms and legs.
 Picture from just outside the class room window. (I like the sky here)

School is kinda of difficult since I don't understand a lot but it is definately fun.  I will see to it to get more pictures of my school. For now here are some more pictures and a vlog I will add captions to them later ^^

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