Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The time of coming is near

So yea... Today is the 10th of August and I leave for LA Airport on the 17th.  Everything is slowly falling into place and soon I will be on my way to Japan!  Over the past few months I had become worried this date may not arrive due to multiple illnesses.  Currently I am confident it won't effect my plans.  Today I have a bon voyage picnic with the other host students.  I look forward to seeing them and how they are coping with the up coming trip.  Hopefully I might learn a few tips from them since I have never been on a plane (as far as my memory serves me) if anyone has suggestions feel free to leave a comment or something.  One last thing I would like to again thank everyone who has helped me get this far, it really is a dream come true.  I will most definitely try to share the experience as best I can through this blog, pictures, and vlogs.  This blog will get a lot of use in the next few days so be sure to visit to see how my adventures are going!


  1. Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you! I was supposed to be going on this trip to Japan with you, but my didn't want me to go to Japan anymore after the earthquake. But good luck! As far as airplanes go, I haven't been on one in my life, until this year! And it was surprisingly fun and fast. A bit scary for me though... But wear some pants or bottoms that are REALLY COMFORTABLE. Airplane space is small, and if you're going to be on a plane for a long time, you better be comfy! :D

  2. I will remember that thanks ^^ flannel it is.