Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The adventure has begun

I am finally with my host family! I have done many other things since my arrival but It will be confusing if I don`t start from the beginning.

Window seat yush!

For those who didn`t know I have never been on a plane in my life as far as my memory serves me.  The first flight was from Portland to LA with 1 stop in the middle.  Overall it was interesting because exciting, boring, and scary all at the same time.

My mood the best way I could describe it.

After my flight and some getting lost in the airport with another AFSer we waited for the hotel bus.

After a one night oreientation we finally were getting ready for our big flight.  At the oreientation i met the exchange students going to Japan and China, however China`s flight left at 3 am so I don`t have any pictures of them.
The bus to the Airport. 
 My sister asked me to take a video of the international flight.

11 and a half hours later.
After we landed we got on another bus, little did we know we would be awake for another 6 hours.
 Yay energy drinks!
Thought it was a great idea at the time.

Finally we arrived at the hotel and had dinner.
 After dinner we were greeted with a dance!

The Orientation was 3 days long and we weren`t allowed to go outside.  However, It was the nicest hotel I ever stayed at... 
that said we got 3 huge meals everyday and had no real time or way of exercising.  I felt like a fat pig.  The dicussion went for about 2-3 hours each if it wasn`t for our voulenteers I would have been bored to death.
I was part of group 7 and volunteers were great since they both had common interests as us.
After the orientation we had a long bus ride ahead of us.
Beginning of a 8 hour bus ride.

A quick glimpse at Tokyo bay

Finally after 8 hours I met my host mother, took my first train ride (not lightrails) and arrived at my host family.  So far it has been great and I am already learning how to cook Japanese food.


  1. Awww! You look like you're having a lot of fun! You should take pictures of the food you eat too! I can't wait to read your next blog post! Love you!

  2. Aaaah that looks so cool! Your orientation looks so fancy! :D And the hotels look cool. :D